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Liquor Coffees 15

Karamu coffee also available


Earl Grey Supreme (Black)
Made from the finest black teas with the addition of Silver Tips with tantalising oil of bergamot orange and floral tones. For the Connoisseur.

Green with Coconut (Green)
Be transported to Thailand as you sip delicious hand-picked green teas blended with coconut, lemongrass and ginger with a hint of vanilla.

Supreme Breakfast (Black)
The finest teas from India and China are combined to create this invigorating and distinguished breakfast blend. Best enjoyed with a splash of milk and the daily papers.

Paris (Black)
A careful blend of black teas and a trifecta of goodness: Creamy vanilla, caramel and current. Elegant, sophisticated and very chic.

Gunpowder (Green)
These leaves are fixed green and then fired for an extended period in a hot rotating oven delivering a roasted, smoky and assertive green.

Raspberry (Herbal)
Fruity-licious! This caffeine free fruit tea is a blend of rose-hips, hibiscus and raspberry leaf. One cup is never enough.